Members of the Firm have practiced across the country and are licensed in Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky, Virginia and Texas.

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Five Attorneys Selected as Super Lawyer for 2022

Glassman, Wyatt, Tuttle & Cox, P.C. recently announced that five of its attorneys have been selected for inclusion in the 2022 Mid-South Super Lawyers Listing.  Five of the firm’s shareholders were selected as members of the Super Lawyers List, which is limited to no more than five percent of all licensed attorneys in the Mid-South.… Read More »

Premises Liability in Tennessee for Criminal Acts

As Tennessee trial attorneys we are regularly asked to review cases that may involve serious injury or death to persons on premises – such as shopping centers, apartment complexes, gas stations, shopping malls and more. The law is quite complex on this issue, so please contact us today to discuss how our firm can best… Read More »

Tennessee ADA Restaurant Lawsuit – What Should a Restaurant Be Aware Of

A restaurant must be accessible to disabled persons in many different ways pursuant to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Not knowing the details of this law and the hundreds of regulations enacted under the law could have a significant adverse affect on your business. Companies that have workers and that deal with public accommodations will… Read More »

Tennessee ADA Defense Lawyers Look At Passenger Loading Zones

The American Disability Act (ADA) makes it illegal to discriminate against people living with disabilities in areas like employment, transportation, public accommodation, among others. It provides for equal access to public spaces. If you run a hotel or a similar establishment in Tennessee, complying with ADA regulations in your loading zones is important.  The ADA… Read More »

Richard Glassman Remembers Sitting as Special Judge

Senior Shareholder Richard Glassman has not only practiced law for nearly fifty years – he has also been fortunate to sit at times as a special judge. Richard remembered the following: The firm is proud of Richard and all of his dedicated service to the legal community – including the days before cell phones when… Read More »


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